What I need

What I need

  • What kind of equipment is used, clothes, shoes?

    The club provides 3 mm wetsuit, helmet, life jacket and waterproof jacket.
    You need to bring: a swimsuit, a pair of tennis shoes for the descent, and a change of clothes and shoes for after the descent. You can change clothes in the locker room of our home both before and after the descent. There are also toilets with hot showers.

  • It also drops in case of bad weather?

    The descents are also carried out in case of bad weather (subject to conditions unfavorable river), if you want to cancel the descent you must advise at least the day before.

  • Under the wetsuit what should I wear?

    Under the changes you must wear the swimsuit and, in the cooler months, a microfleece or a thermal shirt.

  • How to reach you?

    Reaching us is easy, here you find all the instructions

  • Are there age limits?

    There are no age limits. Our slopes are differentiated according to the different needs.

  • Do I need to know how to swim?

    You need to have a good water skills.

  • How is the downhill?

    The meeting is at our rafting base. Here you can change before the descent.
    * On board our coaches you will be transported to the embarkation point where the guides will give a short briefing on safety and operating instructions and commands to be executed during the descent.
    At the end of the descent , depending on the point of arrival, you will be transported back to the base rafting.
    * The shipping service is available for groups of up to 15 people. Otherwise groups and parties are invited to organize their transport service (bus or own car).

  • How many people are on a boat?

    A rib may contain, based on the weight of the occupants, up to a maximum of 12 people.
    Our club can serve a maximum of 80 people at once.

  • Can I carry my phone or the camera on the way down?

    To carry items we recommend the use of dry bags. However, the club is not responsible for any damages or lost.

  • After the descent you can take a shower?

    Yes, you can take a hot shower at the our rafting base.

  • How to book?

    You can book by clicking on "Book" on this site. You will be notified as soon as possible the availability and your descent will be confirmed after payment of a deposit equal to 10% of the total.

  • What is the best time for rafting?

    The best time is from April to October for landscape suggestions that the area offers. We make runs throughout the year, the snow-covered banks - river conditions permitting - a unique spectacle.

What I need
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Legally and officially recognized as a shipping company from FIRAFT, Italian Rafting Federation, and affiliated to F.I.C.K, Italian Canoe and Kayak Federation, Indomita now has in its ranks qualified canoe instructors and rafting guides. Many children and young people who Indomita that to date have achieved excellent competitive results at both regional and national level.


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