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The hydrospeed is a white water sports born in France in the late fifties as white water swimming following the stream.

Later it was introduced the floating namesake (like a small bob) with the dual function of protecting the athlete from blows against the rocks and providing a foothold. To protect themselves from the cold of the waters, which typically are the result of the summer thaw of snowfields and glaciers, the neoprene wetsuit is very thick (5 mm) and equipped with protective paddings. Completing the equipment the helmet, the life jacket and the fins, which, these last, are essential to give the right propulsion and deal with various steps.
In Italy the onset of the hydrospeed is very delayed, towards the beginning of the nineties. The Italian Hydrospeed Association was founded on September 8, 1991 and is composed of sports, touristic or naturalistic clubs.
Surely the most exciting of the commercial white-water sports. The Guide, after having explained the basic operations, will accompany you during the descent, but to lead will be you!
100% guaranteed adrenaline 

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