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The canoeing school of the Indomita Valtellina River offers kayak courses on standard levels: 
1st level, Beginner: For those who have never practiced the sport of kayaking or just sporadically by himself. During this course will be taught the conduction fundamentals of the kayak in flat water and will be introduced the maneuvers in flowing water. 
2nd level, intermediate: for those already familiar with 2/3 degree, but who want to perfect the fundamentals both in flat water and in moving water. During the course it will be devoted time to the review of the most important self-rescue maneuver: the Eskimo.

3rd level, advanced
: the third level is for kayaker who are familiar with the class 3/4, but they are looking for the refinement of techniques and the combination of those techniques aimed at improving their confidence level, precision and safety paddling in difficult rapids.   
Which level is right for you?

1st level: For those who never went kayaking or just sporadically by himself.

2nd level: For those familiar with the rapids of 2/3 degree.

3rd level: For those who comes off on the 3rd degree with occasional experiences in class 4.

Duration: 10 hours, usually divided into 4 or 5 lessons

Development of the course: The course can be weekly: 5 lessons from Monday to Friday or weekend: divided into 4 lessons. 
Variations: The Technical direction of the Indomita Valtellina River reserves the right to vary the location of the course to ensure the necessary standards for the performance of the lesson plan. 


10 hrs

Activities scheduled
at the following times:

10 - 12.30 - 14.30 - 17


Canoa and Kayak School of the Indomita Valtellina River will supply you the whole equipment to practice this incredible sport.
You have to bring your own skin suit and the necessary for an hot shower after the activity.


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Useful info

To bring
Swimsuit, towel and a change of shoes
We provide complete equipment for maximum safety
In case of rain, the descents will be made regularly

How to reach us

By car
Our office is located on State Road 38, in the municipality of Castione Andevenno. Finding us is easy. If coming from the west drive along the main road towards Sondrio, passing the municipalities of Morbegno Ardenno, Berbenno. Castione Andevenno come past the roundabout near the supermarket Iperal turn right at the level crossing and you're there!
By train
From Milan, starting from the stations Milano Centrale and Porta Garibaldi. Take the train to Lecco-Tirano or Sondrio. journey time about two hours. Main stations: Central Station Milan - Lecco - Colico - Morbegno - Sondrio - Tirano Coming from the north you can reach Tirano with the Swiss train (Rhaetian Railway) from St. Moritz, traveling at high altitudes above 2000 meters from enjoying the view glaciers.


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Legally and officially recognized as a shipping company from FIRAFT, Italian Rafting Federation, and affiliated to F.I.C.K, Italian Canoe and Kayak Federation, Indomita now has in its ranks qualified canoe instructors and rafting guides. Many children and young people who Indomita that to date have achieved excellent competitive results at both regional and national level.


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