2 August 2016

Special weekend! 6th and 7th August for the all customers that enjoy rafting LASER TAG is for free!


2 August 2016

Is time for an authorized time off for our precious member Alessandra Massimino involved with the National Rafting Team.

Alessandra and the other girls spent few days training in the most tecnical and powerfull italian white water stadium in Ivrea.

She has just updated us by phone, shared her enthusiasm and happiness after few tiring days. She said that they spent hours paddling and working to improve what is already close to perfection.

17 July 2016

Let yourself be lulled by the current and admires the moonlight reflections on the Adda.


17th and 18th August will be possible to paddle with the Indomita Valtellina along the river Adda at the moonlight.


Descents are scheduled at 10pm. Meeting at the rafting base at the 9.30pm. Activity for all between 5yo to 95yo.


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Legally and officially recognized as a shipping company from FIRAFT, Italian Rafting Federation, and affiliated to F.I.C.K, Italian Canoe and Kayak Federation, Indomita now has in its ranks qualified canoe instructors and rafting guides. Many children and young people who Indomita that to date have achieved excellent competitive results at both regional and national level.


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