The Valtellina is a wide and welcoming alpine valley, which stretches for over 120 kilometres in the northern part of Lombardy.

The Valtellina is bordered on the north with Switzerland, on the south with the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia, on the west with that of Lecco and on the east with Bolzano and Trento. Placed in the heart of the Alps. it's one of the two provinces in Italy entirely mountainous and is arranged from east to west. It's a fluvial valley furrowed by the Adda river that rises in the Val Alpisella, and goes through the middle and the lower Valtellina before flowing into the  famous Lake Como. The Valchiavenna instead is crossed by the Mera river. The Alpine Passes - the Stelvio, the Spluga, the Maloja, the Mortirolo - known for the worldwide famous bike race -, to mention a few - and the beautiful peaks which often exceed 4000 meters above the sea level - the Bernina peak, the Ortles, the Cevedale, the Gran Zebru - make the Valtellina landscape unique and fascinating. The Valtellina is also a rich land of culture, art and traditions.
What to do in the Valtellina
The Valtellina can offer you an unforgettable holiday. Before or after have done rafting, canyoning, hydrospeed or canoeing don't miss a visit to the most fascinating historical centres: from Livigno, set between the Stelvio National Park and the National Park of Switzerland, to the Bormio, surrounded by the imposing peaks of the Rhaetian Alps, that reach 4,000 meters of altitude; until arrive to Tirano, famous for its sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna of Tirano and for being the last stop of the picturesque Bernina Red Train, which runs along the railway line Tirano - SanktMoritz (Rhaetian Railway Switzerland). Then there are Teglio, the homeland of the famous Pizzoccheri of the Valtellina and Sondrio, at the gates of the Valmalenco, beneath the mountain massif of the Corna Mara, the main centre of the area and the Provincial capital. Without forgetting Morbegno and Chiavenna, an important tourist centre famous above all for its Crotti, the only one in the province of Sondrio to have obtained the recognition of the orange flag of the Italian Touring Club.

Eating and drinking in the Valtellina
In the Valtellina you must grant a stop to taste the many food and wine products, many of which associate themselves to the DOP, IGP and IGT certification marks. The dried beef of the Valtellina IGP, traditional product famous among the athletes, the Bitto and Casera cheeses, among the few DOP cheeses in Italy, the apples of the Valtellina IGP, which are the delight of adults and children, and then the honey of the Valtellina, that smells of flowers that grow in the meadows in the mountain pastures, and the buckwheat pizzoccheri, traditional dish of the Valtellina for excellence.

Wines of the Valtellina
A proper space deserve the wines of the Valtellina, the result of the cultivation of 850 hectares of vineyards for over 2500 km of dry stone walls that make the Rhaetian slope from Valtellina the large terraced area in Italy. The undisputed protagonist is the noble Nebbiolo of the Alps at the origin of  elegant and sophisticated wines today rewarded and recognized around the world. A step in the winery and in the vineyard, therefore, is a must. From the Rosso di Valtellina DOC to the Valtellina Superiore DOCG, to the Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG, are numerous the manufacturers who, after you have enjoyed a rafting and canoeing descent on the Adda river, will guide you to discover these unique and elegant wines. 


Where to stay:

Valtellina Turismo - - +39 0342 211329
Consorzio Turistico Sondrio e Valmalenco - - +39 0342 219246

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